How to Write Engaging Emails

How to Write Engaging Emails

Though the customers get several marketing emails, not all of them are being noticed. The customer and the prospects read and respond only to those emails that are relevant to them. There are thousands of emails that are sent to trash. As a marketer, this puts you in a difficult spot as you know the importance of email marketing. So if you want your email to be noticed, your content needs to be relevant and interactive. Here are the 5 ways for executive an effective email in the marketing campaign.

5 Ways to impress the readers

The subject line needs to be catchy – An attractive subject line attracts the eyeballs of the readers which creates curiosity and in their minds. Though it is a basic tip, it plays a vital role in email marketing as you need to convince people that your mail is important to them. Your subject line should not be same as the title as it will be repetitive. However, if you pull out the title that is unexpected but attractive and relevant, the readers will go further. The another way is to get the readers is to understand what product they wish to purchase and send and appropriate email to them, it possible with attractive offers so the readers will go for your product.

Don’t play all your cards at once – This is the mistake which many people make. As a result of it, they lose the prospective customers. The email which you send to your subscribers should match their mind. It could be to buy a product from you or contact you to avail the services or even enter sweepstakes. You need to give them a reason as to why your readers should go for your product which can be in the form of a teaser in your email with the link that will direct the full content on your website. Giving a reason to the customers to click through your site means they are making them one step closer to conversion.

Subscribers should get the actual value – It is not enough to assure about your products or services to the customer only by words. It has to be shown by actions as well. Real value may be in the form of showing something valuable, such as discount or free piece of content like an e-book, which is as valuable as an article and gives a personal and emotional touch to the readers by way of inspirational videos that the subscribers would share it with their friends.

The message should be concise – The message which you convey to the subscribers should be short but at the same time, it has to cover all the points you wish to convey and what the subscribers want. Your ultimate goal in the email campaign is to ensure that the subscribers click through your site. Offer them the most attractive and juiciest piece of bait which will raise the eyeballs of the subscribers which will educate them about your product. According to the experts, the marketing campaigns should not exceed more than three sentences.

Prove the ROI is good in Email Marketing – If required, one needs to go beyond the vanity metrics of clicks and opens to track and truly measure customer engagement. Simple dashboards are more than enough to give you a clear picture of the impact and the ROI of each email that is sent.


It is not easy to convince all the customers for which you need to be customer centric. The email marketing is effective only when it is being conveyed from the customer point of view.

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