What is Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

It is an art of sending commercial messages to a group of people via electronic mail. It is sent to the potential as well as the existing customers to inform them about your latest product or service launch. Advertisements, business requests, solicit sales are sent through email to the customers to create an awareness about their products or services so that you can build up the customer trust and loyalty. Email marketing can be sent to an existing as well as the prospective customers.

Though email marketing has been around for decades, it has been one of the most effective digital marketing channels if things go well. It has always been one of the quickest ways to send commercial emails to thousands of decision makers in one go so as to market your products and services.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

  1. Transactional Emails – are triggered depending on the customer’s actions with the organization. However, to fall into the criteria of transactional or relationship messages, the main purpose of these communications should be to facilitate, complete or confirm a commercial transaction in which the recipient has agreed to enter into with the sender along with its few narrow definitions of transaction messaging. This type of email marketing is used to convey the information about the action which is triggered.
  2. Direct Emails–This email involves sending an email to communicate a promotional message like special offers such as midnight madness, rainy season offer, Christmas offer, Diwali offers, etc.
  3. Mobile Email Marketing– People can also access their emails through the devices like smartphones and tablets.People use these devices to check their emails when they travel often.

However, HTML based email marketing is more effective than the ordinary marketing email as the prospective customers get an idea of how your products look.

Emails are like Landing Pages – If you have heard about this from any source, you have heard it right. Emails are indeed the landing pages in which the main objective is conversion. When we think about using what elements should be made for a strong landing page, we also think about the elements which make a clear copy which is an obvious call to action, visual cues, contrasting colors, and a form.

Steps for Successful Email Marketing.

Email has opened several doors for the marketers to market their products and services to their customers. Many go for the email campaigns which is considered as a smart work. Well-positioned emails deliver better results than other channels in the marketer’s tool belt. A systematic approach always gives good results. Here are the following steps.

  1. Cast a wider net but keep your subscribers at the center – Email communication has got huge percentages that consists of opens, click-thoughts, and the bottom line is apercentage of converts. When you are on the way to achieve your ROI, you need to have a large database so that you get the final conversion and experience the desired results. This enables you to enhance your email list.
  2. Have patience – It takes time for the best things to happen in your life. All you need to have is the verified email list so that you approach the key persons faster so as to see quicker results.
  3. Know the most engaged members of your audience –The most important thing is to identify your customer needs and show empathy to the needs of your email VIP’s

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