Decoding The Concept Of Email Marketing

Using the power of emails to send commercial messages is the simplest way in which email marketing can be described. This is a relatively simple method through which you can put across the salient features of your products and services and reach your customers directly. The best part about this method is the low effort that it requires and since the involvement of the customers is also lowest minimum, the chances of customers getting detracted from persuasion are also fewer.

With the advent of social media, the scales have generally tipped, however an article published on McKinney’s website still gives the top position to emails when it comes to generating leads and potential customers. A simple statistic that reveals that 91% of the US consumers are checking their emails daily could be a reason for this. The purchase percentage of the customers also will be subsequently higher when it comes to email marketing. So, what is it that is really making emails go so strong? Let us decode this bit by bit and understand the benefits that it brings on the table:

1.It is Simple and Easy!

This method is very simple to execute and requires minimum time and effort. Therefore, this continues to be a favorite among st the marketers. All you need to drive a campaign through email marketing is an accurate mailing list and periodic review of your returns through this method.

2.It gives the Slight Push to Sales and Generates Customers!

Giving the nudge that is needed to convert the leads to customers is easily managed by emails. Direct Marketing Association reveals in a report on their website that 66% of online customers make their purchases through messages received through emails. Marketing Sherpa’s report on Email Marketing Benchmark (2013) reveals that 60% of marketers agree that the ROI received through email marketing tends to be positive. Aren’t these statistic proofs enough for the efficacy of this method? In fact a Nelson report of 2014 also states that 27% of online customers subscribe to emails to look for money saving offers. So all in all, the online customers out there are reading their emails and giving conversions to marketers.

3.Its Personalized Touch is an Advantage!

One of the amazing parts of email marketing is that it connects you directly to the customer. Traditional marketing channels will always have the involvement of middle men who may not always be speaking the same language as you. Your campaign’s message can also get diluted if there are too many links in the chain that joins you with your customers. Therefore, to get the message straight and clear, and directly to the customer, email marketing is the best method. Customers of today want and appreciate personalized emails. You can further strengthen your campaign by segmenting the customers on your mailing list depending on their activity and topics of interest on social media. Thereafter, you could send them even higher personalized messages that attracts their attention and provides them with solutions of the problems that they were looking for.

4.It is Extremely Niche!

If you work on your emailing list regularly, you would understand how highly targeted this method is. Sending across your message to your niche audience is not what all methods of marketing like advertisements, banners, print media, social media and so on are able to do. This power lies only and only with email marketing.

5.It is Useful in Keeping the Connect!

Even if you are not pitching for your latest product/service, you can still remain connected with your customers through simple and informative emails. If your brand has managed to build a connect with your customer, then he is sure to check his email even if you are not offering a discount to him! A Nelson report of 2014 reveals that 28% of the online shoppers feel the need to stay informed and hence subscribe to various brands or store emails.

6.It Spans Geographies!

A simple click of a button can send across your message across continents! That is the kind of power that email marketing contains. So if your email is niche and concerns only a prominent geography, then send emails to that segment group only. However, if it is a general informative message, then you can reach your customer directly even if he is on the other side of the world.

7.It is Result Oriented!

Anything that is result oriented can be measures. Checking click rates, open up rates and conversion rates through emails is a good way to constantly be on top of your email marketing campaign. Besides, this also helps in culling the unnecessary addresses on your mailing list thereby making way for new and relevant ones.

8.It is Inexpensive!

As compared to other marketing channels, email marketing is inexpensive and hassle free. Therefore, this has become the preferred method by small and big businesses both as its efficacy is undoubtedly awesome!

When you take into account, the points made above, it’s easy to see why. Perhaps it’s time for your business to start taking this marketing platform more seriously. All in all, email marketing is a great way to get the most bang for your buck!

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