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Email marketing is utilized by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe. Its promising results have resulted in its immense popularity which is quite evident with the involvement of this feature in every sector of business. One of these sectors is the healthcare. The invasion of e-list in the healthcare fragment of business world is almost a revolution for those who have their opted this sector in their business line. It mainly deals with the setting up of easy connection between the business and the healthcare facilities.

This feature is projected in all the established and growing websites related to healthcare providing sufficient database enabling easy reach to all the healthcare segments particularly popular in the geographical region of US, UK, Australia etc. It is a boon to those who hold dealership in medical supplies because they can make use of the e-list and find a vast network condition to set up a growing client base. The healthcare e-list has its constituents comprised of a wide range of medical experts, healthcare agencies and boards, hospitals, organizations, doctors, nurses etc. with their vivid details required for business purposes.


What Does It Comprise?
All the healthcare e-lists proposed on various websites are mainly composed of the following:

Doctors with their specific fields: physicians, surgeons, dentists, psychiatrists along with their specialization
Hospitals, organizations and agencies with their areas of expertise
Assistant doctors, nurses, chemists etc. in categories


Details Include:
First Name, Last Name
Business Name
Practice Specialty, Specialty Code
Email, Postal Address and Zip Code
SIC /NAICS Code and NPI Numbers
Phone Number and Fax Number
License Number
Web Address
The entire information of these possible clients is enlisted through lot of research, collected by Trade shows, Trade Magazines, Business Directories, Seminars, Surveys, Health Care Directories, Online Subscriptions, Business Directories Exhibition, etc. The information is regularly updated in the e-list based on the several factors such as change in details or preferred markets as per the manual or online surveys.


How Does It Help Me?
For all those who are in the business of medical dealership or business dealing with medical can reap great benefits from this e-list of healthcare oriented clients because it marks an easy provision of reaching out to the customers for sales. For ex: if a person is a supplier of medicine he can make use of the health care e-list to reach out to the specific hospital, organization or individual based upon the demand-supply relationship as per the particularity in demand or in area etc.

The e-list offered by the healthcare website helps to develop a business in the following ways:

Reach various healthcare specialists and professionals
Less cost compared to other traditional advertising media
It will help in increasing the customer as strengthening the already existing lot
It shall help in building a trusted reputation in the market
It shall enable a huge divert in the traffic towards your own website
It ensures brand recognition on a wide scale
Get most recent updated high quality data free of errors and duplicates
How Can I Access It?
The healthcare e-list is particularly popular in the digital oriented society where technology co-exists with us. There are a number of health care websites offering a detailed e-list including all the above mentioned factors to ensure an easy deal within the health care sector. These e-lists can be easily accessed with a payment of valid minimal charge. However, depending upon the website which is offering the health care e-list, the latter can be accessed and used in three different ways:

the health care list can be bought from the website for permanent usage

the user can also subscribe for the access to the e-list for his business

the heath care e-list can also be rented from the websites offering them provided they have that option

Why Techno Data Group?
Techno Data Group validates these contacts in 4 levels:-

Run the file against NCOA & ECOA process prior to delivery
Send an opt-out mailer campaign to make sure we have accurate emails and contacts are opt-in
Tele-calling and confirm that contact is live and contact info is correct
LinkedIn links with the contact details wherever available
That’s way, you can verify the accuracy and you can also connect with them on social media.

Techno Data Group provides exclusive healthcare email lists of more than 2.4 Million Healthcare Specialists. By using our recent updated healthcare contact database you can get in-touch with the right contacts at right time who need your products and services and have the authority to purchase them.


About Us
Techno Data Group is b2b marketing firm in Wilmington, Delaware focusing on business success. We can help you targeting key accounts using real time verified data; we can identify your buying personas, analyze your existing database and fill in the missing information.

We work with some of the world’s leading brands and Fortune 500 companies. We are proud to say that we are their preferred database partners.

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