10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Gone are days of the traditional media plans. These days, success metrics are measured through social shares, online conversion and YouTube views. We are excited at how far 2017 may push us digitally at a next level. So, here are some digital marketing trends for 2017.

Smarter social marketing

At 2016, companies experienced lows and highs of networking socially with community. And 2015 will see smarter, strategic, and careful approach to social media marketing.

Content marketing

Today, around 78% of the CMO’s believe that custom content is future of marketing.

Desktops are gone

With the mobile googling to beat 27 billion of search queries by year 2016 globally, desktops are increasingly substituted with the tablets and mobile devices.

Real time marketing

Twitter set the new benchmark for the breakthrough social media marketing.

Mobile advertising will grow

With the facts like over 87% of the smart-phone users say that they see mobile ads, advertising through mobile & digital tablet channels without any doubt will increase.

Mobile engagement will surge

Because of increased digital tablet and mobile usage, engagement on such devices is on rise. Many people have made the purchase on smart-phones and it is expected to increase in 2014.

Content marketing is more targeted

Over 91% of the adults have their cell phones within their reach 24/7. Thus there is no wonder delivering the multimedia directly to user’s mobile on their location (through GPS technology) may grow. It is relevant, simply clever and timely.

Less words and more visual

Massive growth of Instagram, infographics, and Vine reinforce fact that we are reading less & watching more. The visual media may dominate market in 2014.

B2B marketers may use Slideshare

Voted among the World’s Top Ten tools for e-learning and education in 2010 and with more than 58 million visitors every month, making use of Slideshare for Business to Business digital marketing can accelerate.

Challenger brands may conquer

The challenger brands have flexibility of being more adaptive and responsive towards the new technologies. You can look out for the challenger brands that are making noise in year 2014 digital landscape.

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