How to Handle and Close Difficult Customers in USA


How to Handle and Close Difficult Customers

In the buyer’s market, one needs to understand that customer is a king and is always right. However, it is not easy to handle all the customers especially the tough ones. One of the reasons is it is not possible to convince all the customers due to various reasons. However, we may be able to convince a few of them to buy our products or avail our services. However, there are certain techniques which can eventually make a tough customer to place an order.


  • Be a good listener – At times, it is better if you are silent as it may further diminish your chances of getting an order from them. Do not argue or force the customer to place an order. Rather, let them have their own say even if you know what response you are going to get from them. While listening to them, avail the opportunity to build a rapport with the customer.
  • Build a rapport with empathy – When the customer shares about the bad experience they had in the past, put yourself in their boots and echo back the source in whichever way they are showing their frustration. This will give an impression to the customer that you understand their position and situation very well. Identifying the customer’s issue calms them down. The customer will understand better if you give a verbal nod.
  • Lower your voice – Even if the customer happens to shout, avoid shouting back or being louder. On the contrary, speak in a lower tone. The calm demeanor that you show will reflect on them which will help them to settle down. The customer’s temper generally dissipates when you approach them with a calm and clear mind.
  • Show that you are unfazed – You may get scared or nervous during the difficult times. However, that moment is the actual testing time for you to hold on to your nerves and focus on what technique will be right to make the customer place an order for your product or service. You might also get tempted to rush up the sales meeting or change your approach when the customer shows bad attitude. However, stick to your script and show that you are unfazed, even if they pressurize you to hurry things.
  • Be firm and don’t let your emotions control you – It is natural on your part to feel frustrated when the prospect is giving you a very hard time wherein you might end up in wasting your time and opportunity. However, don’t let that affect you as the customer might not need the product which you are trying to sell. Keep your emotions in check and play an appropriate mind game according to the customer’s mindset so as to close the sale.
  • If you promise a call back, keep up your word – When you promise the customer to get back to them do get back to them at the scheduled time. This creates a good impression in customer’s mind that you are not dodging them.


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