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Immediate Access to the Right Contacts to Every Desired Email List Only With Us

Make your marketing easy and effective by taking advantage of the email marketing services that are accompanied by the well-segmented email lists to target the right prospects wholly and solely from Techno Data Group. We are the most trusted database providers we ensure that you are able to send the right b2b emails to the right buyers at the right mailboxes, which makes us the most preferred b2b marketing firm with respect to the services and in the business campaigns.


Buy, build, and segment the customer information in the Business Email List in no time

Perform the search according to the business type, size, location, title, and others to create and build an ideal business email list. This dream can be achieved by availing our business email lists. Techno Data Group offers you the Business Email List that helps you to find the sales leads which you can convert with little or no efforts. It has neither been easy to get the right database vendor to buy the email list not has been simple to build up an authentic email list quickly. You have reached the right place where you can either buy our readymade email list or create your own marketing solution with our online innovative email list builder tool.


Make your marketing successful using our Email List

Email Marketing of late has become the most popular method to reach the specific or the desired audience which saves your time and resources. You can send multiple b2b emails at a very low cost provided you have the right and the latest customer information. Otherwise, all your efforts go in for a toss. That is where Techno Data Group comes in with the 100% accurate Business Email List to save your business and the day.


What are the industries that use our email lists?

Our Email Lists contains the list of email address of various businesses, domains that you exactly want for your b2b marketing campaign. They are highly compatible with any kind of organization irrespective of their types and sizes. There are plenty of industries to mention. Some of them are


Information Technology

We provide the Information Technology Email List that covers the decision-makers like Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officers, Software Developers, Programmers, Corporate IT Management, Hardware Users, ERP Users, CRM, Network Users and others.



Our Healthcare Email List offers the email list that has the coverage of all the doctors, physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other specializations


Financial Services

This sector includes all types of financial institutions like commercial banks, insurance companies, pension funds, non-banking institutes and others. If you are looking forward to meeting the decision-makers pertaining to financial service, we help you with the most accurate and reliable Financial Service Email List.



This industry comprises of food processing, textiles, plastics, chemicals, and others. Our Manufacturing Email List covers all the manufacturers globally and helps you to reach out to the decision-makers to promote your products to them.


Real Estate

If you are looking out for the Real Estate Email List to reach out to these decision-makers like Real estate developers, Real estate inspectors, Real estate buyers and brokers, and others.


Education Industry

Consists of the institutions like schools, colleges, universities and other training institutes. The decision-makers in this industry comprise of Trustees, Directors, Principals, Chief Academic Officers and others. If you are in search of the right buyers in this domain, your search ends with our Education Industry Email List.


Oil and Gas Industry

Our Oil and Gas Email List provides you an opportunity to reach out to the decision makers such as Oil and Gas Industry Executives, Development Architects, Marketing Managers, and others and help you to get the best of their marketing challenges.


Retail Industry

Techno Data Group offers you a reliable Retail Industry Email List that contains numerous contacts of all the decision-making retailers irrespective of the type of business they are dealing with.


Hotels and Motels

Our Hotels and Motels Email List contains the comprehensive email addresses of all the decision-makers like hotels, motels, and resort executives, managers, and others which is an opportunity for you to explore the hotel industry if you have already started one.


Travel Industry

The Travel Email List contains the email addresses of all the target prospects and client-specific to travel based industries. If you are looking for the concerned persons having the authority to buying your services, you can count on Techno Data Group for the same.


Send b2b emails to the right prospects or the audiences

Once you have created a targeted email list, you are set for sending the right messages into the right hands in the commercial world that you have always dreamt of, which otherwise has never been easy. You can either create email campaigns or avail our services to do that for you. All you need to do is to select your template and tailor them according to the client requirements and send it. We at Techno Data Group have the powerful industry-leading Business Email Database that is easy to understand and use them to the maximum.


The services that we render to our clients

Our team at Techno Data Group performs the following services


Email Appending

Adds the new information of the customer’s updates the customer information and fills up the missing fields which help you to get connected to the audience efficiently. This also equips you with your email and b2b marketing campaigns where you can reach out to the right prospects at the right time and enhance your sales and business.


Contact Appending

Here, new and multiple personnel contacts of the most important decision-makers are added within the organization. This makes your Email database comprehensive that has the contacts with the current titles and makes sure that your b2b emails reach the decision-makers you target.


Reverse Appending

Not only fills the gaps in your database but also enhances your email records with a matching name and postal address which helps you to target the right buyers for your email campaigns and take advantage of multichannel marketing strategies. It enables you to understand the customer needs better.


Our Additional Email Marketing Services

Apart from the above-mentioned services, our team at Techno Data Group offers other services. They are


Data Cleansing

It is the overall process where the data is detected accurately. It performs correction and elimination of corrupt or inaccurate records from the dataset, table, or the customer information database. The purpose of performing this activity is to help you to avoid getting flagged as a spammer. Our data cleansing service identifies the undeliverable email address and corrects the common misspellings if any and removes the unwanted address in order to maintain your data and reputation. Our Data cleansing service includes


Email List Update Services

Replaces the outdated email addresses and bounces with the customer’s new email addresses.


Email List Hygiene Services

Corrects the spelling mistakes that are commonly made, adds the missing the missing characters or removes the extra character to the domain name and extension. Bad emails that contain foul languages are flagged.


Email Suppression Services

Returns the records that match our Global Suppression File having an undeliverable address or common identifiers that causes spam flagging. All you need to do is to submit your email list to us and we take care of the rest.


Customized Email

We focus on providing you the customized email list that makes it easy to reach out to your dream prospects with our b2b email campaign platform. Our email list is well-researched, targeted, and systematically segmented according to different categories which make it easy for you to understand. You can either have our design team to develop the email for you or choose from our several email templates or customize them easily that suits your business needs


Data Refinement

It is the systematic process in which our database team converts the raw and unstructured data into a pertinent and integrated format that makes it easy to understand and eliminate data redundancy


Data Enhancement

After acquiring the data from the trusted sources and cross-verification, our database team performs data sorting and segmentation according to the demographics and other factors to understand the customers better and have enhanced targeting which leads to mutual correlation with the clients and the business models


Data Building

It is one of the most important services that we provide the customers. Our team gathers the data, collates them and performs segmentation as per the specifications. The main aim is to urge cracking your sales figures.


Data Segmentation

It is a process of taking the customer information and segregating them in a systematic manner which enables you to send relevant b2b emails to the targeted customers in every known segment.


Why Techno Data Group?

Techno Data Group is a b2b marketing firm that focuses on obtaining the information of the top doctors having the purchasing authority. We also offer you the personalized and the tailored Email List depending on your business demands. Our fresh, unique and up-to-date Email List enables you to send commercial emails and conduct the business campaigns.

  First Name, Last Name
  Company Name
  Web Address
  Phone Number, Fax Number
  Contact Title
  Company Size, Revenue Size and Industry Types
  Email, Postal Address and Zip Code
  SIC Code & NAICS Code
  Personnel Specifics


We perform the following marketing activities like

Our Marketing Activities are
Lead Generation Social Media Marketing
Market Research Web Development
Email Marketing Blog and Content Writing
Search Engine Optimization Contact Finder


Features of Doctors Email List.

  Accurate data from the trusted sources
  Partnership with B2B data partners for data research using powerful tools and innovations
  Pre-packaged and/or Customized email database available
  Regular and verified data updates
  Huge amount of data verification
  Considerable amount of data is provided to improve multi-channel marketing
  Short delivery cycle depending on the orders placed
  List is available in all the formats like .xls, .txt, .csv, db, etc.
  More than one million verification phone calls emails made every month.
  Comprehensive data provided for multichannel marketing purpose.


Techno Data Group provides highly verified result-driven contact database of leading global Doctors from across industries like:

 Acupuncturist Email List
 Acute Care Specialist
 Addiction Specialist Email List
 Adult Health Specialist Email List
 Allergy-Immunology Doctors Email List
 Anatomic Pathology-Clinical Pathology Doctors Email List
 Athletic Trainer Email List
 Audiologist Email List
 Bariatric Doctos Email List
 Cardiovascular Disease Specialist Email List
 Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Email List
 Clinical Lipidologist Email List
 Clinical Neuropsychologist Email List
 Critical Care Medicine Doctors Email List
 Diabetes Specialist Email List
 Emergency Medicine Specialist Email List
 Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Doctors Email List
 Endodontics Specialist Email List
 Epidemiologist Email List
 Exercise Physiologist Email List

Techno Data Group provides Email List based on the countries that you wish to target. It will save time, resources in your marketing campaigns and boosts sales and maximizes ROI.

Buy Email List to reach your target market and increase your revenue without spending a bundle through Online Marketing Campaigns, Tele-Marketing, Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Event Marketing and more.

Our Email Lists are focused on providing the Global Business List.

 USA Email and mailing list
 Dubai Email and mailing list
 Denmark Email and mailing list
 China Email and mailing list
 Brazilian Email and mailing list
 Belgium Email and mailing list
 UK Email and mailing list
 Canada Email and mailing list
 Singapore Email and mailing list
 Australian Email and mailing list
 USA Email and mailing list
 Portugal Email and mailing list
 Poland Email and mailing list
 Philippines Email and mailing list
 Norway Email and mailing list
 Netherlands Email and mailing list
 Middle East Email and mailing list
 Mexico Email and mailing list
 New Zealand Email and mailing list
 Zimbabwe Email and mailing list
 UAE Email and mailing list
 Turkey Email and mailing list
 South Email and mailing list
 Scotland Email and mailing list
 Russian Email and mailing list
 South Korean Email and mailing list
 Malaysian Email and mailing list
 Japan Email and mailing list
 Italy Email and mailing list
 Ireland Email and mailing list
 Indonesia Email and mailing list
 Thailand Email and mailing list
 Switzerland Email and mailing list
 Sweden Email and mailing list
 Spain Email and mailing list
 Indian Email and mailing list
 Hong Kong Email and mailing list
 Germany Email and mailing list
 France Email and mailing list
 European Email and mailing list


Benefits of Techno Data Group’s Email List

It is the entrepreneurs and the marketers who promote their products and services to the top database having the right to purchase in the renowned healthcare organizations. Here are some of the benefits.

  Cost effective and guaranteed email list
  Helps to plan the future campaigns effectively.
  Works efficiently and effectively according to the highest standards.
  Reach International market quickly
  Database verified automatically as well as manually on a regular basis.
  Authentic data gathered from the reliable sources like Engagement Officer Cards, websites, public notices, publications, trade shows and conferences, magazine subscriptions, website among others.
  Prompt delivery
  Data can be downloaded in any format.
  100% creative services available.
  Free from printing and postage costs.
  Easy to segment and target.


Request for Sample List

Thank you for your interest in obtaining samples of Mailing List. We can understand clearly that samples are critical to help evaluate and validate your target industry. Our sales specialists are ready to discuss about your target industry.

Don’t let your sales and marketing efforts be compromised by outdated or incomplete data.

Get Clean & Append Emails – Free Match Test

Our data cleansing services include appending missing data, de-duplication, merging, rebuilding, migration, standardization, normalization, verifying and enriching.


Time To Change – Let’s Discuss About Your Campaign

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