7 Indicators That Your Mailing List Is Technologically Sound!

Technology keeps evolving! Those of us who are gadget freaks understand this aspect very well that the moment you think you are abreast with the latest technology, there appears a higher or a technologically superior of the same product/service/method. Look at the evolution of cloud based marketing and the wonders it has done to marketing process as a whole. Forbes reveals that cloud based marketing companies are one of the fastest growing in the world.

With the advent of such technologies, it is natural for B2B marketing to also grow and become more professional than ever before. If B2B marketing is growing, then so is the technology mailing lists. If technology mailing lists are growing, then are you doing enough to engage the huge potential in terms of customers that are lying in these lists. If you are not sure about this figure, then read on to learn about the indicators that show that your technology list is indeed growing:


1. Your emails are being shared at a high rate

You may be tracking your email subscription signups to get an idea of lead generation happening for your business. But, have you ever thought of evaluating the email sharing rate. This actually means that your leads are multiplying! Isn’t is cool? More the number of shares, higher your reach. This also gives you an indication of whether your campaign is working or not, understanding your target group and all this have the possibility of translating into visitors on your website.

2. Your targeted segment is the one that is responding!

Reaching your relevant customer is really a challenge when it comes to email marketing and if you subscriptions are pouring in from your desired target group, then it is obvious that your technology mailing list in on the upward. Work on this data to find more leads and to reach out to a larger audience. Also look at consolidating long term relationships with these customers who are showing their loyalty towards your business.

3. Renewal rate of your subscription is at 20% or more!

If you are running an optional renewal campaign for your subscription and you find the response rate from your current subscribers at 20% of more that means that not just your emails are being opened but also being read. The customers showing interest in the subscription means that they are convinced about your offerings and at the time of a need will most probably turn to you. So, keep checking this as this also works as good method of inspiration for you and your partners/employees.

4. Offer links placed by you are getting clicked more than the CTAs

The most common position of placing a CTA is either at the top of the page or at the bottom of the page. This is the most common place to generate favorable results. But, each website has something else also that makes it unique. So, if your CTA is fetching you good results irrespective of the position at which you place it, it means that your emails are being read seriously. This is a great indicator of organic leads.

5. ‘V-logs’ on your email are getting viewed

Almost all marketers in the B2B business put in a video link of their services or information on their email. If you are getting view on your videos through your emails, its means that customers are interested in forming partnerships with you or doing business with you. Videos are often viewed only after a certain point of conviction has been reached. If you want to further study this point, you could check the watch duration of those videos. From this point, you could modify your ads/videos and make them more appealing.

6. Even your pop-up subscription gets fill ups!

Pop up subscription forms have a higher nuisance value than usefulness. However, if your pop up form pops up in a relevant technology business website and actually gets filled, then this definitely is a good sign for you. You could follow this up by sending a subscription fill up and connecting with your prospective customer.

7. Print materials showcasing QR codes are getting noticed!

This is the most toughest check point. Categorized as extremely niche, if your QR opt-in codes are getting you customers, then this really means you are popular. Include them in your technology mailing list as fast as you can and reap in the benefits.

Email marketing is far from dead. When done right, email marketing campaign can be used to create high value and personalized messaging. This is sure to provide your company with great ROI and prove the potential still held by email campaigns.

Techno Data Group is therefore your one stop shop that could cater your email marketing needs just perfectly!


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