Why Transparency Is Important in Marketing and Blogging

Once upon time blogging was the cutting edge method for the independent writers to show their views and opinions on whatever their expertise was without the commercial agenda. In current years, the big business and PR companies have jumped on to blogging as a way to spread the marketing message to the wider audience and it has led to unfortunate results for the bloggers and trust that the readers have in the blogs. There’s the fine line between the blog post and advertorial. Taking the payment, whether in cash or products, to write about some other businesses or their offerings will mean that not just you are risking your viewers trust, as the search engine algorithms get more sophisticated at 2014, you can potentially find yourself penalized by the Google or other search engines.

Is transparency important?

Disclosure is the essential part of maintaining and gaining your audience trust. Suppose business has given you with the free products it’s very important you make it clear when you’re writing about these products. You need to be aware that with best intentions, while you are given the freebie by PR company and other business, it is tough to write the impartial review on product.

How I can prevent it happening?

Suppose you wish to maintain your reliability, it’s very important you maintain your integrity. Lots of bloggers refuse accepting the freebies from the PR companies in case they do not genuinely like product offered. It means they’re posting some positive reviews about the products that they feel very positive about. There are a few bloggers who argue that by accepting anything free damages the credibility and you must not write about anything that you are not happy paying for yourself. Thus, it is very important it’s made very clear on your website and you stick on this or your marketing can get meaningless.

How can it affect search engine scores?

Google has very strong opinions on difference between useful and valuable blog content, or sponsored advertising. With growing emphasis on the social sharing and content marketing, it’s possible that in future, the PR companies and big businesses may continue to approach the bloggers to lend credibility in their products. Digital marketing is an ability of promoting the brands on internet, mobile or other interactive means to let the customers know & people who haven’t heard about their service and product to increase their sales. With many companies seeing real benefit of the internet digital marketing there is no wonder this field is becoming very competitive to get the message across, and finding right format for communication is important.

Even though internet marketing is the transition from traditional marketing but it does need the different understanding level and for this reason, some known brands have actually struggled hard to make transition from the traditional marketing to internet digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is considered as the combination of the “push” & “pull” marketing ways that helps in executing marketing campaigns. Push marketing is when you are in touch with the consumer & encourage them to purchase your product or service. You may also send SMS on your customer mobile phones or you can send them the emails. The complete tracking & reporting is likely in the Push marketing. This as well offers the high return on your investment. Using digital marketing and social media needs right understanding for the company and having the good understanding of the digital marketing overall.

Dynamic Content

The dynamic content will allow internet marketers to tailor make their marketing attempts to every individual visitor on their website. It is possible just by collecting the data about every visitor when they navigate on the website. On the subsequent visits, website will pull up the content and products that visitor are interested in, like determined by algorithm it processes data collected from the previous visits. This is done on basis of the past searches or purchases of users. Many businesses can make use of this technology for their own web sites in order to help tailor their content for interests of every user.

Common trends in field of the digital marketing are:

Social Media Optimization

It is one popular area watched in years to come. This gives platform to take the Social Media Marketing on next level. This includes developing social media strategy as well as to check how content flows in social media.

Search Engine Optimization

The concept can act as game changer in field of the digital marketing. Recent changes in Google search algorithms to rank websites on basis of the content can define trends in scenario of the digital marketing.

Video Marketing

The video marketing attracts many customer base since it has higher scope for the expression. Emotions create greater impact on customer’s mind than the simple text. The Youtube marketing is recent trend in the digital marketing as well as is bound to grow since it is popular among the people.

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