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Being in the sales profession is not an easy job. A major part of your job is dependent on your stakeholders and that is what makes it more challenging than other professions. Most of the times, in a sales job, your input and efforts may not equal to the results you achieve, however, they could be either be exemplary or disastrous. Such is the dynamism associated with sales jobs.

Sales professionals battling in this dynamic environment often become engrossed with their own selves in terms of their performance, getting conversions and planning their career. All of this is essential; however another way to think about is putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and giving him solutions that will lead to sales. A sale automatically means better performance and a super career! This is the way thinking has to evolve… it has to be all about the customer rather than the salesperson himself. Remember, if the customer is happy, salesperson’s career is sure to bloom as a consequence of this scenario.

Transforming to this approach may not be an easy task, but making advances towards this slowly and steadily will surely get you on top of your game. Here are some aspects that you need to ponder upon to make this transformation:

1.Look for Genuine Customers

Cold calling is an easy way to attempt lead generation. However, it saps up your time and effort which if channelized better can get you good quality leads. It is worthwhile to look for a proper target group who has the pain points to which you and your business can provide a solution to. Approaching these targets will not only help you earn their respect in terms of understanding their problem but will also build loyal customers for you who will not only give you business but also spread a good word about you.

2.Adopt the Problem Solution Approach

Think about the customer’s concern more rather than just thinking of extracting money out of him. If your conversation with him is indicative towards problem solution instead of closing a deal, then the customer will automatically warm up towards you and will most likely yield business for you too. Customers of today are seeking for logic, advice and reassurance that their pain points have been understood. You have nailed it if you do just that!

3.Create Presentations that are Useful

Talking about the achievements of your organization, your market standing and future plans should definitely be a part of your presentation, but only a brief mention of these topics should suffice. At the time when the customer is looking for a problem solution, he may not be interested in knowing the details of your past laurels, however, would be looking at those and his solution in entirety.

Start your presentation with how the benefits of the products/services you offer can help him. Ignite his curiosity and in the course of the presentation, answer all the questions through data. This can only be done when you think like the customer while creating your presentation. Do not waste time in telling him the details about your organization history, structure and so on. Save this for the later part of the presentation or as side notes for the extremely curious customer who would want to know it all. Remain specific in your presentation as the customer will only give you a few minutes and in those minutes, he will almost make up his mind whether or not to pursue your product/service.

All of the above mentioned points are indicating towards the fact that we started with – sales is not about you (sales person) but about your potential customers. Buyers are becoming increasingly aware and they are spoilt for choice. It is your prerogative to approach your customer in such a way that with the first few interactions, he understands the difference that you will provide to him vis-à-vis the others.

Move out transactional sales people and let the interactive sales people take center stage!

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